IIT Bombay continues to remain the top choice for JEE Advanced 2022 toppers

IIT Bombay continues to remain the top choice for JEE Advanced 2022 toppers

There is something about IIT Bombay that pulls top talents to it. Be it the trend that toppers must select over others, its attractive placements, innovation and entrepreneurship culture, neutral demography or just being in the largest, richest and most happening metro of the country; there is indeed something magnetic to it.

As per JoSAA, 69 of the top 100 JEE-Advanced rank-holders have already secured a seat in the IIT Bombay. As for the rest 31, 28 students have gone to IIT Delhi while 3 are left for IIT Madras. Computer Science continues to be the most lucrative of branches as 68 of those 69 lapped it up while the remaining one preferred “Engineering Physics”.

The continuing trend of toppers flocking to IIT Bombay

  • 62 of the top 100 JEE (Advanced) rank-holders chose IIT Bombay in 2021
  • The number was just 4 less in 2020 at 58
  • Even in 2019, the number was as high as 62

IIT Delhi remains the second most popular among the top 100.

The trend continues even for the top 500 as…

  • 173 of them have found a seat in IIT-Bombay.
  • 127 of them have gone for IIT-Delhi.
  • IIT-Madras, IIT-Kanpur and the yesteryear favourite IIT-Kharagpur have fewer than 50 students from the top 500 candidates.

Facts about the JEE Advanced: Exam for admission into IITs

  • The Exam, JEE-Advanced, was held on August 28, and the result was announced on September 11.
  • 1,55,538 students have taken the JEE Advanced 2022, and over 25% of them – 40,712 candidates – have cleared it.
  • Out of those 40,712 students, 6516 are girls.
  • A total of 16,598 seats are up for grabs across all the 23 IITs this year. 1,567 of these seats are female quota seats or supernumerary seats for female students.

What are supernumerary seats for females in IITs?

  • Supernumerary seats are additional seats meant exclusively for female candidates.
  • The aim is to increase female participation in IITs

It was not always like this!

IIT Bombay has emerged as the top choice for toppers only in the recent decade. Not a long ago – in fact, till 2011 – IIT Kanpur used to be the most sought after. The change in trend can be attributed to the growing number of qualifying candidates from urban areas with a preference for metropolitan cities. Earlier, every IIT used to have a speciality course that attracted qualified candidates. But over the years, this distinction has lost relevance.

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