Professional Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics Online In India

Professional Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics Online In India

With the boom of information technology sector, availability of data is no longer a problem. Business Analytics is about working with such unstructured data to a meaningful interpretation which helps in making better management decisions.

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics is a 11- 13 months long program which provides the perfect foundation for professionals to master the art of analytics. The program focuses on providing an in-depth knowledge of business analytics techniques and frameworks and their application in business decisions.

-To help analytics professionals gain in-depth knowledge in various areas of analytics and gain managerial insights through data analysis
-To transform analytics professionals into an exceptional, cross-functional leader who integrates all disciplines to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals with help of advanced analytics
-To help face challenges and complexities in analytics field, thereby equipping those working in analytics field with the necessary skill-sets to adopt an appropriate course of action.

Best Course For Working Professionals

It is designed to help working professionals to learn the required skills and knowledge for asking meaningful questions, addressing it with analysis of data, and finally make decisions with insights gained from the analysis.
The ability to derive meaningful insights from data for making informed business decisions has become inevitable, irrespective of the size of the business. This is considered as a vital skill in this fast-paced world.

Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

Business Intelligence tools and methods are helpful to get insights on the past and current business performance, and enables managers to make quick evidence-based decisions.
Business Analytics (BA), using statistical, predictive, optimization and simulation models, generates useful insights to help managers improve business planning and future performance.

The programme gives you foundational as well as indepth knowledge. The programme will take you through:
-Basic understanding required for an analytics study
-Tools for building and analyzing models
-Analytical methods for making informed business decisions
– If required Case studies of different business domains

Platforms For PG Business Analytics Certificate

– simplilearn
– xlri, etc.

Scope of PG Certificate in Business Analytics

Students with a PG Diploma in Business Analytics can get employed in Insurance Corporations, Banks, media houses, Finance firms and a number of other industries as Business Analysts, Data Scientists and others.

1. High Package
After completing PG Certificate in Business Analytics course, candidates are highly compensated for their skills. The salary you would receive after completing these courses might influence your decision while selecting a course.

2. Budget-friendly
Pursuing this course take a hefty amount from your pocket. But with the help of technology, students who want this certificate on a low budget can easily go for online Business Analytics Certificate in India.
You will save the accommodation and travel expenses if the university is not in their city. They only need a good internet connection, phone or laptop, and study material.

3. Flexibility in Schedule
One of the biggest reasons students choose online courses is a flexible schedule. Students can also engage in job activities, freelancing, entrepreneurship etc. If any student misses any class, not to worry, they can study the topic with the recorded class later, which is offered by most universities.

4. Course in Demand
Business Analytics Courses are in high demand these days. So keeping this in mind, these online degrees allows more people to access education, which empowers and strengthens a nation.

5. Upgradation in Skills
This online course will help you in pushing your limits. And this can be done without a classroom, fixed lecture timings or teacher. You will learn to manage your timetable daily regarding sessions, assignments and submissions. Studying online will help you in developing this talent.

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