Schools In Delhi Issues New Covid-19 Guidelines Amid Rise In Cases

Schools In Delhi Issues New Covid-19 Guidelines Amid Rise In Cases

The Delhi government has issued new guidelines to schools in the national capital, instructing them to close the entire premises or certain wings temporarily, if any student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19. Students and staffs must also wear masks and keep as much social distance as possible, according to the Directorate of Education (DoE).

The advisory was issued on April 13 in response to reports of a few students in the national capital and the NCR had tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the advisory, if any Covid case is reported to the school authorities, the Directorate of Education must be notified immediately, and the affected wing of the school, or the school as a whole, as the case may be, must be closed down for the time being.

Wearing masks by students, teachers, and other school staffs, as well as maintaining social distancing as much as possible, are among the additional precautions suggested in the advisory.

It also recommended that students, teachers, and other supporting staff, as well as parents visiting the school, wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitisers, as well as raising awareness about Covid prevention.

Schools In Delhi Issues New Covid-19 Guidelines

According to data published by the city’s health department on Thursday, 325 new COVID-19 cases were registered, with a positive rate of 2.39 percent in Delhi.

Schools have reported infections, just weeks after they reopened for entirely offline sessions after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Atishi, a Kalkaji MLA and senior AAP leader, stated that a child and a teacher have both tested positive for Covid, according to reports. The class’s other students have been sent home. A close eye is being kept on the situation. She did not, however, name the school where the incidents were recorded.

The Delhi BJP urged that, in light of the increase in covid cases, the government should make mask requirements compulsory in public areas like public transportation, schools, universities, and movie theatres.

Meanwhile, officials from the government also stated that, in light of the increase in Covid cases, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) will have a meet on April 20 and may consider reintroducing the mask mandate.

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