Selection round result for inter-school quiz Smartacus 2022 declared: Know results and all about it

Selection round result for inter-school quiz Smartacus 2022 declared: Know results and all about it

The result for HT Smartacus 2022 for individual contestants, which is called Selection Round, is out. These winners will be rewarded with exciting prizes and a trophy for their schools. In case you, or someone you know, participated in it, you can check the results by going to the official website:

The mega quiz is held every year by the Hindustan Times group for both individuals (students) and teams (schools) basis. Though the result is out for the top 20 individual winners, the quiz for teams is still to take place. Keep tuned in this space as we will update the story as it develops.

Some important facts about Smartacus 2022

  • Indian students from both within and outside the country participated in this quiz held online on the platform Quizizz. However, it was Delhi (15,523), Uttar Pradesh (10,889), and Maharashtra (3,535) that witnessed the maximum participation.
  • Each contestant was logged in through their computer system. They had to answer 60 questions in as many minutes. The top 20 rank list has been prepared purely based on merit.
What types of questions asked in Smartacus 2022

What about team competitions in Spartacus 2022?

It is going to take place soon through the Zoom platform. 64 Indian schools, located within or outside the country, will participate in it. The champion team has to emerge victorious in each of the three rounds: Preliminary, Semi-Final, and the Grand Finale. Refer to the detailed FAQs section below for more information.

What is the winning prize amount for Smartacus 2022​?

  • The champion school team will get a trophy and prizes worth more than 4 lakhs rupees.
  • All contestants will also be rewarded with digital certificates of participation.

Know all about Smartacus 2022

What is the format of Smartacus 2022?

Selection round result for inter-school quiz Smartacus 2022 declared: Know results and all about it
  • The individual round is known as Selection Round. It happens to be an hour-long online session comprising 60 questions, in the Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) and Type-In formats.
  • The Team Competitions where schools participate.
  • 64 school teams across 4 zones participate in this knock-out round. Two teams fight it out where the loser gets eliminated and the winner lives to fight another day by progressing to the next round. Four teams reach the semi-finals and two in the finale. Needless to say, only one school emerges as the champion.
  • The Quizzer of the Year event happens after the Finale. It is conducted on Quizizz and comprises 10 questions.

Who can participate in Smartacus 2022?

  • Any Indian student studying in Classes 5 to 12 can participate in the Selection Round of Smartacus.

Are there any charges for registration into Smaratcus quiz competition?

What is the medium of the quiz?

Can an Indian student living overseas participate in Smartacus?

Definitely, Yes!. Just select the option ‘Others’ for both city and state. If you face any issues regarding OTP verification, please contact [email protected] or give a call at +91-95133-19722

However, if a minimum of 5 students have not participated from your school, HT School will not be in a position to invite your school for the Preliminary Round, even if you have performed well, as this is an interschool quiz.

What if I participate in Smartacus but my school doesn’t?

You can register as an individual and participate in the Selection Round. However, Team competitions are only meant for schools. Remember, schools don’t have to register. It automatically gets signed up for the team competition (preliminary Round) once a minimum of 5 of its students perform well enough in the individual round known as Selection Round.

What to do if something goes wrong at any stage of the Smartacus competition?

  • For any query or confusion, just write to [email protected] or give them a call at +91-95133-19722

What types of questions are asked in Smartacus 2022?

  • It covers general interest topics like History, Geography, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Language, Literature, Culture and Lifestyle.

How to know if I’ve made it to the Preliminary Round?

  • The results of the Selection Round will be sent to your school.
  • If your school is invited to be a part of the Preliminary Round (based on the students’ performance), the school can select a team of 5 students (3 main + 2 reserves)

What types of questions are asked in the Preliminary Round?

  • A mix of textual and picture-based questions are asked in the Preliminary Round. However, students have to answer them verbally.

What will be the format of every match in the Preliminary Round?

  • Two school teams comprising 3 members each will face each other in every match.
  • The winner will proceed to the next round and the loser gets eliminated.

How will each match be scored in the Preliminary Round?

  • The team will receive two points if the question is answered correctly by the person to whom it is addressed.
  • If s/he can’t respond correctly, it will pass on to other students of the same team for 1 point.
  • In case even they can’t answer or decide to pass it; other teams can attempt it for a single mark.

What is the Quizzer of the Year round held after the Grand Finale?

  • It gives semifinalist students another crack at winning some prizes and laurels for themselves.
  • Quizzer of the Year round involves 20 students from the 4 Semi-Finalist teams.
  • It is conducted on Quizizz and comprises 10 questions.

Are there any other quizzing events organized by HT School?

  • Yes. They also organize ClassAct and Quizverse competitions.

Why quizzes are important for students and society?

  • They help generate team and competitive spirits among students, enhancing their desire to learn and share knowledge.

Where can I check the winner list of Smartacus 2022?

  • You can check the winners list on

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